Cave Dweller


In this game you must guide Hogur the Dwarf through several cave rooms. In each room he must collect all gems and then safely reach the exit.

What makes this game special is that you don't actually control Hogur - he walks all by himself toward the exit. What you can do is try to help him by paving the way and force him to pick up all the gems. At the top of the screen you have a couple of objects that can be drag n dropped on the map such as:

melting ice
...and more

It is a mix of arcade gameplay (dropping the objects at the right time) and also puzzle/strategy gameplay (figure out what objects to use).

Works best using touch interface (smart phones and tablets) but desktop browser can be used too.

- Retro look and feel
- Unique "guiding" gameplay
- Modify the rooms as you play
- Mind bending puzzles
- Touch enabled

Tested and works on these browsers/devices:
- Desktop : IE9
- Desktop : Firefox
- Desktop : Chrome
- iPhone4 : Default browser
- iPad1 : Default browser
- Samsung Galaxy S4: Default browser
- Samsung Galaxy S4: Chrome
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: Chrome (Default browser is too slow)

Screenshots (click for larger image)


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