Cocos2D Benchmark

Have been looking for a HTML5 game engine for a couple of days. Had almost decided on using Impact but realized that it didn't use a scene graph. I really needed that kind of feature so decided to keep looking.

Ended up trying Cocos2D Javascript and it seems like a really well designed professional engine. I'm not sure how it compares to other engines performance wise but the benchmark below seems OK. I get ~34 fps when having 200 sprites on my laptop. Source code is attached (see bottom of page). Benchmark is running a slightly modified Cocos2D version 0.2 beta 3.

Change number of sprites by altering the numsprites query parameter or use these shortcuts: 20 sprites | 50 sprites | 100 sprites | 200 sprites

Tileset and sprites by Oryx Design Lab

I have tested using IE9, Chrome, Fifrefox and Safari on iPhone 4. Kind of slow on iPhone but didn't expect anyhting else really.
What framerates do you get on your device? Please post below :)

CocosBenchmark_src.zip22.73 KB


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