Update 2011-09-15: If you are having problem starting HeavyHogur.exe and getting an error message such as: "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect ..." then you can probably resolve it by downloading and installing the latest vcredist_x86.exe from this site:
Be sure to use the vcredist_x86 even if you're running a x64 Windows.

When installing Heavy Hogur all visual effects are enabled as default. The game will also use the Desktop resolution in full screen mode on first start. If this setting fails for some reason the game will try to gracefully degrade the settings (disabling FSAA and picking the 800x600 resolution).

There is currently a bug that sometimes makes Hogur ignore your commands. We are working on fixing this issue. In the meantime the workaround is to go back to the Map screen and then enter the room again.

Since most settings are maxed as default the game may run slowly on some hardware. The easiest way to increase performance in this situation is to follow these guidelines:

  • Disable FSAA
  • Disable Shadows
  • Decrease resolution

All the above can be altered in the Options screen available from the main menu. Remember to restart the game in order for the changes to take effect.

Other issues
If you use an older version of Heavy Hogur on Windows XP the Start menu shortcut does not work because it uses the wrong working directory. Please download and install the latest version or change the working directory manually to "C:\Program Files\HeavyHogur\bin" where "C:\Program Files\HeavyHogur" is the installation directory. The Desktop shortcut did not have this issue.

If you have purchased Heavy Hogur and none of the above helps, please contact us.


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