MazeLab concept art

Simon has been busy sketching some concept art for the "MazeLab" project. He turned my "online gauntlet" description into something more sci-fi inspired but I don't mind as long as it looks great =)
Here are a couple of images.

Possibly a title screen:

Some mean crabs:

Pixel hero:

New project: MazeLab

I have started prototyping a new project, working name: MazeLab

The aim is to create an online Gauntlet game where you can team up with your friends and fight your way through dungeons. I will probably upload code here as we go so it will be sort of like a tutorial where I add new functionality in small steps. Great to follow if you're into flixel and smartfoxserver game development!

I was thinking of following this roadmap:

Multiplayer Nutmeg Lab

I recently decided to give Flash game development a try. Despite mostly limited to 2D and no luck on iOS devices it still have a massive reach compared to downloadable games. Found out soon that Flixel is a great retro looking library on top of Actionscript that will make creating flash games a breeze, sort of.


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